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During on of the most stressful times of my life, Nancy and her staff took charge and handled everything for me. My aunts estate sale was a success and the house was emptied in two days! I can't thank All Transitions Estate Sales enough for making my life so much easier! I highly recommend this company and was very impressed by their knowledge of antiques and high end art........
John H. Princeton, NJ  2006

I  would like to share my experience of using Transition Estate Sales.  My husband and I relocated from NJ to CA in June 2007.  We used All Transitions Estate Sales to sell almost all of our belongings,(large 4BR/3 car garage).   The items we had to sell included a Ford Truck, household furniture and brick/brack.  Nancy and staff were very professional and helpful with the entire process.  In fact, we left for CA before we sold our house and she handled all of the Estate Sale on our behalf.  Our home was for sale at the same time, therefore, Nancy had to ensure the house was presentable for showings by the Real Estate agents.  The only regret that we had with the process was that we had not called her sooner -- she really made the process so smooth, she has a huge network for selling items, and her pricing is fair. We had failed attempts to sell our items ourselves via garage sales and other on-line mechanisms.  I would highly recommend Nancy and staff for handling your Estate Sale.
Dawn B. Milford, NJ 2007

The services provided to us by Transitions Estate Liquidations were excellent. They did everything they said they would do and when they said they would do it. Nancy held the estate sale on 2 separate weekends and put in a lot of time. Nancy and her staff were courteous and sensitive to the issue of selling things of sentential value to our family. 
The cleanout company she provided to us was GREAT!. They did ALL they said they would do and more and were also very gracious and friendly. 
In our judgment the price was right and the service EXCELLENT!!!! 
We would recommend Transitions Estate Liquidations anytime. 
Tony & Susan R. Spotswood, NJ 2011

Nancy and her team recently conducted a major downsizing sale for us that far exceeded our expectations.  In a difficult economy and during the height of summer vacations, her online and print marketing, and the buyers that follow her sales, enabled us to sell the vast majority of our items, from large furniture and art work, down to tools and various household bric a brac.  Nancy was also instrumental in negotiating various items in order to get the best prices possible.  She is professional, dedicated, and very pleasant to deal with.  It's obvious she knows what she's doing and loves it.  I highly recommend her.
Susan C. Stirling, NJ 2013

Nancy and her staff are the most honest and hard working people. I hired another company to conduct my parents estate sale and I quickly realized that they did not have the knowledge and experience to handle the high end art and collections that were for sale. I was given All Transitions Estate Sales as a referral from a realtor in my area. I am so thankful that I connected with Nancy and her staff as they quickly researched and priced the contents. Everything was expertly marketed to art buyers and serious collectors! They obtained very good prices and I was amazed at the following Nancy has for high end items. She sold 90% of the contents and in this economy that was a pleasant surprise and a huge relief! I would not hesitate in hiring All Transitions Estate Sales for your estate sale! 
Linda C. Mendham, NJ 2013
 We just wanted to write you this letter to let you know how happy we were with your services. We know our estate had very difficult time restraints! Your company got everything in order so quickly and were really impressed with the knowledge of your staff and the way they interacted with the people. You have a huge following! We were amazed how many people came through our house and the money we made was way more than we expected! Nancy made sure everything was priced right and the staff provided security and really worked to get things sold! Everything was exactly as you had explained it would be. We appreciate your honesty and accuracy! You are true to your word!

Ron, Bethlehem, Pa 2014

An estate sale customers recent experience...
Let me just tell you that you do an amazing job!!! Went to another Estate Sale and they were dishonest (I do math in my head and she OVERCHARGED me $35 on a $250) also not very nice not engaging like you. Her helpers were smoking more than helping. You are the bomb dot com for estate sales!!!!! True professional!
Lucia M. 2015

Nancy and her staff handled everything quickly and professionally! I couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Thank you for making this easy for me and my family! 
Janet R
Warren, NJ 2016

Nancy and her team recently conducted a downsizing sale for us that far exceeded our expectations.  Her online and print marketing was spot on! she has buyers that follow her sales including fine art, quality furnishings, and high end items. Nancy was a fantastic negotiator.  She is professional, dedicated, and very pleasant to deal with and her staff as well. I highly recommend her.
James T
Bucks County, PA 2017

I wanted to write and thank you for your great service in handling my parents home contents sale. Since I am out of state and you were recommended by our attorney, I was nervous about the process. Nancy you took your time and really made me feel at ease. I can't thank you enough! I will recommend you to family and friends in the area! 

Terry M, Princeton, NJ 2018